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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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baby stabbed. a baltimorewoman accuse of attacking her infant during a visit with social services. >> what mother would hurt her baby? >> how she made it inside a secure building with a dangerous weapon. >> hello, everyone. a woman attacks her daughter inside a government building the mother is in custody. megan mccork l has more on the apparent security breach. >> reporter: the city social services building the place parents come to visit the children that have been taken away from them. now officials ared scrambling to figure out how a knife got past security. [ sirens ]
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>> reporter: police said a mother made it inside social services, carrying a knife. >> how she got past with that is kind of weird. i don't know. crazy. that's a public place and every other child is in there. they could be in danger around her >> reporter: she was inside a room with her 8- month-old baby girl and social worker when police said she attacked her own child. >> at some point, the mother became irate, pulled out a long kitchen knife, and began stabbing the baby. >> reporter: the baby struck multiple times in the knife and head. >> as a mom, you know, i'm appalled something like this could happen. you know, it's something you don't want to think is possible. >> reporter: the attack raises questions about security. anyone entering this facility is required to show i.d., pass through a metal detector, and have their bags searched by security. but the suspect had the knife in her bag and no identification. the union representing workers here tells wjz they have complained repeatedly about lax security. >> as a result of this horrible experience, we can see
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that there's a lack of resources, lack of staff, and a lack of competent security that is overseeing these facilities >> reporter: the state department of human resources, which is responsible for security, said "obviously safety is a pair mount concern and we want to do everything we can to make sure nothing like this happens again." a thorough review of security procedures underway. state officials will also look at security in other jurisdictions to see if changes need to be made. reporting live in east baltimore, megan mccork l. >> thank you. the baby girl is expected to survive her injuries. police have not yet released the identity of the mother a vicious beating shocked baltimore and tonight police have caught another one of the men behind the brutal attack and robbery. de angelo carter is the third person arrested for the attack on a tourist outside a downtown courthouse last month. police are still looking for one other woman, shatia
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baldwin, for her role in the attack. breaking news. an intense fire destroys warehouse. you can see the smoke pulling out of the building on hains street. firefighters said the fire destroyed what was left of the building. a police detective make takes matters into his own hands when his teenage daughter goes missing. he used his badge to search home without permission and now he's yank from his duties. here's more on those unauthorized raids. kai? >> reporter: well, vic, the man has been suspended for apparent abuse of powers. daniel thomas nicholson, iv, was suspended. he is the subject of a criminal investigation by the city and state attorney's office. >> one person contacted internal affairs with serious concerns and given those concerns, we decided to suspend
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the officer >> reporter: police said nicholson's own teenage daughter mariah was reported missing on april 20. according to "the baltimore sun," county police were investigating the case and nicholson went on his own search for his daughter. that's the reason for the investigation. nicholson's daughter eventually returned home. >> we have a history of holding individuals accountable and investigating all allegations and that's exactly what we're committed to doing in this case. >> reporter: ironically nicholson was the lead detective in the nationally pub sized barnes case. the teen was later found murdered in a dam and is not related to nicholson. the detective forced his way into homes while he was off duty. apparently his daughter called eventually to say she returned home. >> kai, thank you. a joint investigation underway between city police, internal affair, and city and state attorney's office. a controversial trial is about to get underway. two jewish neighborhood
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watchmen are accused of beating an african-american teen. how it's being compare to the trayvon martin case and why the defendants say that's not fair. >> reporter: a trial is expected to begin on wednesday in the case against brothers 24- year-old elie wahu and another person accused of beating a teenager in november 2010. it divided the community where it happened and questions immediately surfaced whether it was racially motivated. >> i think we represent every young person in the city who has experienced these type of atrocities taking place in our city every single day. >> reporter: the brothers are jewish. one was the member of a jewish neighborhood watch group. one of the brothers told the teen "you don't belong around here." >> this isn't anything more than a disputed fact between two people over a relatively
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minor misdemeanor charge. >> reporter: recently the case has been closely linked by national media outlets to trayvon martin's in florida. george zimmerman is charged with the 17-year-old's murder, accused of racially profiling martin. during pretrial hearing, the victim said he was cornered, slam to the ground, and beaten. the trial is scheduled to begin on wednesday morning at 9:00. we'll be here, bringing you the latest. reporting at the courthouse, wjz eyewitness news. >> now the brothers' lawyer asked for a judge and not jury to try the case, claiming it would be difficult to find an impartial jury. someone tries to hide some drugs and tweet sweet cash. the drugs were found after the flight arrive from el salvador.
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the drugs are worth $130,000 and the woman said she didn't know drugs were in her item. a relative found five victims this morning at the house in prince georges county. three family members and two borders died. firefighters blame their deaths on a faulty furnace. they believe the gas leaked out of a broken exhaust pipe as temperatures overnight. mitt romney easily win primaries, solidifying his position as the likely nominee of his party. he sweeps victory in new york, pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island, and connecticut. it's not official yet but romney is talking like he's ready to face president obama this fall. damaging testimony in john ed ward' trial. a key witness shares intimate details about the former candidate and his efforts to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 campaign. he's accused o of violating
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campaign finance laws. >> reporter: the prosecution's star witness came to court and zero in on the heart of the case against john edwards. >> good morning. >> reporter: he is accused of using campaign contributions to cover his affair with rielle hunter. the former campaign aid otherwise insisted they speak in code about some payments? because he couldn't know about this in case he had to be sworn in as attorney general," a reference to a cabinet post. >> the fact he had to speak in code subjects he may have known these contributions were illegal and that's a key part of the government's case. >> reporter: wilson testified he made a derogatory comment saying there was a "one in three chance it was his child." young testified hunter threatened to go public so they used nearly $1 million in donations from wealthy contributors in order to
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support hunter's lavish lifestyle. to keep hunter hidden, edwards communicated on a cell phone called the bat phone and hunter used an alias. while edwards may have committed a sin, he's not guilty of any crime. >> if off mistress and you're flying her to keep her around your wife, is it really connect to your campaign. >> reporter: one would write a check to an interior designer in charlotte who would put the money in hunter's personal account. >> edwards'er to attorneys are expected to attack young's credibility and charge that she used the money to build a home near chapel hill. a maryland teacher is honored by president obama. joshua parker is in the middle of the crowd of top teachers. english teacher was honored for being named maryland's teacher of the year and the top teacher in the country is from the los
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angeles area. well, the blue jays and orioles are on the field at camden yards tonight but the warehouse -- at the warehouse, a veteran bird was showing his roost. it was opening night for dempsey's pub and restaurant. he was there personally to welcome the first guest. it serves specialty beers and ballpark food and on many night will have a special appearance. >> you need a bob turk pub someplace. >> i don't know if the menu would be too lavish. >> it could be. you never know. the sick reason teens are drinking hand sanitizer and the dangerous effects. swallowed by the sidewalk. what happened beneath the woman's feet. [ cheers and applause ] kiss and tell. one person dishes the dirt on a lip lock with a star.
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showers are heading our way. we'll have the complete forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is partly cloudy, 49 degrees in central maryland. the complete forecast is coming up. an explosion at a sawmill in british columbia killed one
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person and injured 23. witnesses say it felt like an earthquake. several nearby businesses have their windows blown out. the saw middle, along with two other buildings, were destroyed. it will take another day to extinguish the fire and the cause being investigated. an unbelievable accident in china, and rescue. the teenager literally disappears when the pavement gives out as she falls into a 20-foot pit. erosion from underground water created sinkhole. the rescue was difficult because of the unstable ground. firefighters finally got a ladder to the girl and pulled her up to the surface. the federal government brings the first criminal charges connect to the gulf oil spill. former bp engineer curt mix is charged with obstruction of justice. he allegedly destroyed 300 text messages that indicated blown- out well was spewing more crude than the public was being told. the justice department said its investigation is continuing as more arrests are possible.
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mad cow disease. it's a phrase that gives chills and a new case surfaces in california. the agriculture department said the dairy crow cow did not enter the nation's food supply and poses no danger. the disease can be fatal to humans who eat tainted beef. in 1993, an outbreak of mad cow disease in the united kingdom was responsible for 150 deaths. since then, the u.s. government has stepped up testing and said this is the fourth time the cow was found to have the disease and is the first new case since 2006. health officials in california warn parents about a dangerous new way teenagers are getting their hand on alcohol. it come from hand sanitizer. teens are distilling and drinking the extracted alcohol. that has led to 2600 case of poisoning in california since 2010. health experts advise parents to buy alcohol-free hand- cleaning products. a tennessee high school student's prom dress touches a controversy. she was not allowed to go to
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the dance because her dress resembles the confederate flag. the principal stopped her because he believed the dress would lead to a fight. the teenager never thought it was a problem because students wear clothing bearing the confederate flag. a midshipman makes national headlines for a simple kiss because it was shared with pop star katy perry. kai jackson has more on the man's lucky moment in annapolis. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: beasley got more than he hoped for when katy perry performed friday night. >> [ indistinct ] [ cheers and applause ] >> is he single? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> well, i'm a little older than you, but that's all right. i can be mrs. robinson >> reporter: perry pulled him on stage and kissed him right on the lips. video was posted on youtube and has gotten 77,000 hits. beasley got a chance to kiss
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and tell on "entertainment tonight." >> well, now i have the man who caused ruckus. i got to know, first of all, what were you thinking when katy brought you on the stage? >> i honestly thought she was just on a -- had me dance. i'm glad she didn't. i'm a terrible dancer. but what happened was much better than a dance. >> reporter: the pop star was reportedly sick with a cold in the day before her annapolis concert and asked midshipman if he was all right with that. he didn't seem to mind. >> she is a great kisser and i hope it will happen again some time. >> reporter: kai jackson, wjz news. >> i don't know the odds of that. jackson said it was meant to recreate the photo of the world war ii sailor kissing his sweetheart at the end of the war. >> there was nothing simple about that particular kiss. >> well, no. [ laughter ] >> 77,000 hits -- ai yi yi. >> a good time had by all. [ laughter ]
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let's look at conditions around the region. we have a few clouds but down to 49, no wind at all, the barometer has been rising, 29.73 inches, humidity pretty low at 49% and dew point 31 degrees. there can be some frost tonight. probably have some frost tonight if it stays clear. it's always chilly. 54 d.c. and 44 in ocean city and the airport away from the beach. locally upper 40s to low-to-mid- 50s close by the day. look how much water there is because the bay temperature in the mid-to-upper 50s so that's pretty reflective of those thermometers down there but away from the water will get colder. 62, 37. the average is 68, 45. the record is 93 and 32. right now wind are just about dead calm and if we clear out, temperatures will drop close to 40 overnight tonight and maybe upper 30s north and west of town. i wouldn't be surprised to see a little widely-scattered
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frost in some rural areas north and west of town -- not a killing frost but maybe on rooftops. light winds to the west of us. the winds will shift west- southwest tomorrow. warmer air is in here. tomorrow should be five or seven degrees warmer but late tomorrow night, clouds are already beginning to develop over the midwest and because of warm air, temperatures will be in the 70s, 80s, even low 90s bumping up against this rather cool air so we have some clouds and some showers popping up in kentucky. it looks like late tomorrow night, clouds back and thursday, that's when we will have a chance of more shower activity, maybe even a few thundershowers, as it gets warmer, and late thursday, the front kind of goes through the area. on friday, a cooler day with partly cloudy skies but late friday night into the weekend, low pressure reflected along the front gives us another chance of shower activity this weekend along with cooler
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temps. west winds 10 to 15 knots, bay temp around 57. there you see it. clear o to partly cloudy overnight, cool, 40, maybe 46 downtown, maybe 36 in northern and western suburbs. 68, sunshine, then some afternoon clouds move in, showers luckily on thursday, again on saturday and sunday, and they will cool down again by the weekend. >> thank you, bob. coming couple, the orioles are home after a long road trip. >> can they deliver sweet victory for fans? mark will have highlight from mark will have highlight from the dramatic finish next in ,,,,
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it's hard not to get excited about baseball around here. here's the sports report. >> the orioles look to build up a road trip. third week of the season, orioles not only have a win record but in the fight for first place. back home after that winning road trip, opening up a homestand with the toronto blue
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jays in town and starting pitcher tommy hunter on the mound. it's always important to get a good outing from the starter. hunter does his job. six innings, allowed one run. that's a quality start. there's one of his three strikeouts. game tied in the 4th inning. matt wieters at bat. he will drive a flyball to left field. jays outfielder thames goes to the wall and leaps. the ball goes off his glove and over the fence. that's a home run. the os take the lead on wieters' sixth home run of the season and leads the team. pedro's stroke came on with jim johnson out sick. stroke will strike out for the final out. that's the first career save, a 2-1 orioles win with a record now of 10-7. they're now in a four-way tie for first place. looking to the os future, prospect bundy dominates in his first pro season with the minor league delmarva shore birds.
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in salisbury tonight, the 19- year-old top draft pick drew four more innings without allowing a hit and struck out six. in his brief pro career now, bundy has pitched 13 hitless innings. he's allowed just one base runner -- that was a walk. delmarva won 4-2 against greenville. in less than 48 hours, the selection process begins in the nfl draft. the first round in prime time thursday night. the ravens have the 29th overall pick, many possibilities for the purple birds in that spot. the top pick, though, is known for sure. the indianapolis colts announced today stanford quarterback andrew luck is their choice, ending any suspension about the number one selection. luck will fill the spot once held by peyton manning, who was let go and signed with denver. luck will play for chuck bag gano, indy's new coach.
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the nba hands a seven-game suspension to ron artest, who changed his name to metta world peace. there was nothing peaceful about his move. he will sit out the last regular season game and six playoff games. it will cost him $400,000 in salary and his reputation further damaged. it wasn't a good one to begin with. >> no. thank you, mark. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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barometric pressure had to go through the roof when one person saw this. a mother bear and cubs took over a weather set. the meteorologist saw the
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intruders before he went on the air and gave the forecast from the safe confines of the studio. >> good thinking. workers at a mcdonald's in colorado may have thought hamburgers were revolting. a cow showed up at the drive through and butted her head against the window. [ laughing ] the wandering bovine named darcy took off from a farm a half mile away. she obviously got tired of grass and alfalfa and want to hoof it to mcdonald's for some fries. >> she stuck her head in and said "eat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> thanks for watching eyewss


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